Mr Chay Davis Headteacher
Mrs Karen Athawes Deputy Headteacher
Mr Darren Andrews Assistant Headteacher
Child Protection Officer
Mr Matthew Atkins Assistant Headteacher
Mrs L Fraser Assistant Headteacher
Art     Mathematics  
Miss G Hayman Head Of Department Mr S Pritchard Head Of Department
Mrs C Chandler Art Mrs L Kane Maths
    Mrs R Morley-Addison Maths
Design & Technology   Mrs L Woodhall Maths
Mrs Parry-Sargent Head Of Department Dr D Whitehead Maths
 Mrs C Chandler  Design & Technology Mr D Williams Maths
Mrs J Taylor Design & Technology Mr M Atkins Maths
Mrs L Curel Design & Technology    
Mrs L Newman Design & Technology    
    Mrs C Killen Head Of Department
English   Mrs A Bowater Music
Mr J Pledger Head Of Department    
Mrs B Dale-Jensen English MFL  
Mrs G Mole English Mrs S Bastow  Head Of Department
Mrs G Burke English Mrs S Marston-Jones MFL
Miss E Haywood English Mrs G Purser MFL
Mrs L Mannion English    
 Mrs R Rehan-Williams English    
    Physical Education  
Humanities   Mr W Smithson Head Of Department
Mr R McCluskey Head Of Department Ms M Hasenauer Physical Education
Mrs C Woodward Geography Mr M Creed Physical Education
Mrs C Evans History Mrs S Morris SSCo
Mrs W Deans History    
Mrs K Athawes History    
Miss A Burgham Geography Science  
    Mr N Pollock Head Of Department
ICT   Mrs R Harvey Science
Mr P Hewitt Head Of Department Miss L Moore Science
Mr D Andrews ICT Mr J Rounsley Science
Mr D Newton ICT Mrs L Fraser Science
    Mr C Davis Science
Learning Support   Miss K Smith Science
Mr J Lewis Head Of Department    
Mrs A Simmons Learning Support    
Religious Education   Cover Assistant  Mrs S Marya
Mrs M Jennings Head Of Department    Mrs J Smith