Governor Zone

The Governing Body at Ercall Wood is made up of volunteers from different walks of life who represent different stakeholders of the school such as parents, staff and community members. We meet regularly both as a whole group and through smaller committees which are responsible for specific areas of governance. In the summer each year we meet specifically to review our own performance and impact over the previous twelve months. The outcome of the self review forms the basis of our report to you, considering our actions, our impact on the school and how our governance meets the requirements of Ofsted guidance. We visit school regularly to meet staff and pupils.

The full governing body meets termly to consider business items to meet statutory duties and priorities approved. At these meetings we consider progress against Ofsted action points, challenging senior leaders where needed to ensure that progress is sufficient and momentum maintained. We also receive and discuss the school’s own self evaluation for key priorities. This ensures that in conjunction with the Headteacher, we steer the strategic direction of the school, maintaining clarity of vision and ethos. A key priority for governors is safeguarding of students and staff. Several governors have undertaken child protection training to develop their own skills and understanding and we continue to have governors who have safer recruitment training involved in recruitment of new staff. Through the full governing body a panel of governors is appointed for the performance management of the Headteacher.

Three committees currently meet regularly. They are:

Finance, Buildings and Personnel Committee
This committee has responsibility for the budget, buildings/health and safety and personnel matters including pay. Regular monitoring of the budget ensures solvency and robust discussions around financial decisions ensure that best value is achieved and that the funds delegated to the school are managed with probity. Allocation of Pupil Premium funds is considered. Any expenditure over £5,000 must be approved by this committee. Pay decisions are linked to the appropriate pay guidance for different groups of staff.

Maintaining a balanced budget is a key priority. This was a particular challenge this year, but due to continued hard work by the Senior Leadership team, this was achieved.

Learning and Teaching Committee
The committee has responsibility for the quality of teaching and progress and achievement of students. Regular reports are received from senior leaders which detail progress of specific groups such as those eligible for the Pupil Premium and those on the Gifted and Talented register. Data for different subjects and year groups is also considered. Governors question and challenge data and reports ensuring that the requirements for rigour and constant improvement are maintained. Training has ensured that governors are equipped to understand the data and reports received.

Pupil/staff discipline committee
This committee considers information on pupil exclusions on a termly basis and meets to consider staff discipline matters when required. It is notable that reducing exclusions was a key point from the Ofsted inspection in October 2013 and the committee has been pleased to see the level of exclusions fall considerably.
Governors are required to attend meetings on a regular basis, and it is occasionally necessary to remind governors of this so that meetings are sufficiently well attended to consider and make key decisions.
Governors receive information on the views of parents which this year has been collected at Parents evenings. It has been encouraging to note the high number of parents who would recommend the school to others. Parents are also able to contact Governors if they feel they need to do so.


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