Gifted & Talented Policy

Ercall Wood Technology College

Gifted and Talented Policy

‘Excellence through challenge and initiative’


  • 1 Roles and Responsibilities
  • 2 Suggested Audience
  • 3 Related policies
  • 4 Ercall Wood Mission statement
  • 5 Introduction
  • 6 Objective
  • 7 Aims
  • 8 Definitions
  • 9 Identification
  • 10 Provision
  • 11 Organisational and in class approaches
  • 12 Opportunities through virtual learning
  • 13 Co-ordination and Monitoring
  • 14 Monitoring and review
  • 15 Approval by the governing body and review date
  • 16 Appendix1; The National Strategies guidance on Gifted and Talented Education
  • 17 Appendix 2: Further information
  • 18 Appendix 3: National Quality standards
  • 19 Appendix 4: National Classroom Quality Standards in Gifted and Talented Education.

1. Roles and Responsibilities.
The overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy and provision rests with the head teacher. On an operational basis, the management, responsibility and evaluation of this policy is undertaken by the deputy head teacher.

2. Suggested Audience:
The policy should be shared with all Governors, teaching and all support staff. Parents will be able to view it on request and all pupils identified as being Gifted and Talented or pupils on the Gifted and Talented shadow list will receive a version within the Gifted and Talented handbook.

3. Related policies
This policy is part of the policies that Ercall Wood Technology College has adopted. The Gifted and Talented policy is part of a suite of policies which should also be referred to:

• Equal Opportunities for pupils

• Mentoring and guidance of pupils

• Assessment and reporting arrangements

• SEN policy

4. Ercall Wood Technology College Mission Statement

‘Excellence through challenge and initiative’

5. Introduction
Ercall Wood Technology College is fully committed to supporting and nurturing all of its pupils that are seen as being gifted or talented in one or more curriculum areas or in addition to the normal curriculum. We will ensure that we provide provision in line with the latest advice and guidance given to us but the Department of Education.

We are required to provide a good standard of provision for all gifted and talented pupils using the’ Excellence For All’ document published by the DCSF (ref DCSF 01019-2009PDF-EN-O2)

Using the guidance we will explore and identify the characteristics of successful gifted and talented pupils and consider how those characteristics can be developed and built upon. We will identify underachieving or potential gifted and talented pupils from all backgrounds across all year groups and ensure their needs are meet giving each individual pupil the support and help that is required allowing them to reach their potential.

6. Objective
Ercall Wood Technology College will provide a rich, challenging and differentiated curriculum for all its pupils including those pupils that have been identified as being on the gifted and talented register and will support all pupils to achieve their full potential whilst within our care.

7. Aim
This policy has been created to help support the following school aims:

• To provide opportunities in learning, enterprise, technology and independence of all pupils.

• To assist in the raising of aspirations of all pupils and

• To have higher expectations of achievement for all pupils

In order to achieve these aims Ercall Wood Technology College and all of our staff will ensure that our pupils are given the opportunities to develop their abilities, skills and any talents that they have which the school has been able to identify or that we have been made aware of by the pupils parents, guardians or extra curricular activity organiser.

8. Definitions
Gifted pupils are those who have abilities in one or more subjects in the statutory curriculum other than Art, Design, Music and PE.

Talented pupils are those who have abilities in Art, Design, Music or PE.

(These are taken from the DCSF guidance 2007)

At Ercall Wood we refer to the identified Gifted and Talented pupils as being the top 10% of pupils in each year group from ages 11 to 16 (School years 7 to 11).

We appreciate that some pupils may not always demonstrate their abilities and therefore their abilities may remain hidden. We still aim to recognise these pupils through our shadow gifted and talented register and maintain a record of all pupils who have received a teacher nomination or have shown staff they have the potential to achieve within a particular subject area.

Parents or guardians of pupils on the gifted and talented register or the shadow register will be contacted and informed of their child’s nominations. Parents and guardians will be kept up to date and consulted on their child’s progress and will be in receipt of the schools gifted and talented handbook providing them with further information of the gifted and talented program that Ercall Wood provides.

9. Identification
Ercall Wood Technology College will identify those pupils whom are gifted and talented, relative to their peers within their own year group. These pupils will be recognised through the collection of information enabling the school to make a judgement based on an analysis of a variety of sources of information including:

• Consultation with all subject teaching staff. (nominations will be based on classroom observations, subject grades and discussions with pupils)

• Test scores (taken from the end of Key stage 2 and Key stage 3 scores)

• Relevant outside information

• Parent and or guardian information, observations and perceptions

• Information given to us from a pupil’s pervious school being that their primary school where a pupil is entering Ercall Wood in year 7 or that of an alternative secondary school where a pupil has enrolled at Ercall Wood mid term once already at an age of secondary education.

The identification process will occur annually but will also be an ongoing process where teachers may recognise a pupil’s ability throughout the academic year and further information is then passed onto the Gifted and Talented coordinator for consideration to be an addition to the register. Any new pupil entering Ercall Wood out of the annual September intake will also be considered to be an addition to the register.

In both cases all of the above identification information will be taken into consideration.

Concerted efforts will be made to search out and address the needs of all pupils on the gifted and talented register and the needs of any underachieving pupils will be identified allowing a supportive plan of action to be created assisting and enable the pupil’s development. It is important to consider that some pupils on the gifted and talented register might also be on the SEN register or have additional needs such as English being an additional language. The gifted and talented register will be updated tracking pupils grades against their target grades at a minimum, on a termly basis. The named Gifted and Talented coordinator will be responsible for such tracking and the maintenance of the gifted and talented register. By regular monitoring and updating of information we will be able to ensure that the gifted and talented register broadly reflects our population in terms of gender, ethnic and social economic backgrounds.

10. Provision
Provision within the curriculum;

All departments within school will have high expectations of the most able pupils and therefore will provide them with an appropriate level of work and opportunities. Lesson objectives and objective levels will be clearly on display for pupils to see the level they are working at or are aiming to reach by achieving the lesson objectives. These objectives will be differentiated for the different abilities of pupils within the lesson. All staff will have extension work which has been identified on their lesson planning or schemes of work ensuring able pupils can be further challenged if all set work has been completed.

Independent learning will be encouraged and resources and extension work made available to pupils through the school website and intranet.

Out of class activities:

The following are offered to pupils on a regular basis and although they benefit all pupils we recognise that they are a particular benefit to out gifted and talented pupils. These following activities allow pupils the opportunity to practice and extend their skills.

• Enrichment days (Including enterprise and PSHE days)

• Residential experiences

• After school clubs

• Musical and sporting events.

In addition to these the Gifted and Talented co-coordinator sees each year group of gifted and talented pupils on a weekly basis subject to changing circumstances. At these sessions pupils have the opportunity to take part in higher order and thinking games and activities and share thoughts and feeling on an individual basis and in group discussion situations.

Individual appointments are made with the gifted and talented coordinator where a pupil’s individual progress is discussed and any support systems put into place to assist the pupil’s development.

The gifted and talented coordinator organises a number of extra curricular experiences, activities and projects to enhance the experiences of pupils and to provide them with enriching opportunities enabling them to learn, develop and experience new skills, examples of this include:

• University master classes

• University experiences and sessions understanding the benefit of attending University

• Film making projects

• Entering a team into the national Mock Trial competition

• Collaborative projects with other secondary schools and primary schools.

In addition to the above many departments within the school also provide extra curricular activities for pupils with a particularly strong motivation within their subject. These include:

• After school support sessions

• Exam preparation sessions

• Research or related trips supporting the subject area.

Further to these opportunities our school will support and help develop talents for activities outside the curriculum according to need.

Ercall Wood Technology College continuously works closely with other secondary schools and a large number of primary schools helping to support and offer enrichment activities for their gifted and talented pupils.

Provision through outside agencies

Ercall wood ask that parents and guardians inform us if their son or daughter is engaged with any gifted and talented programs outside of the school setting for example this might include being within an elite squad in a sporting activity. If this is the case the school will assist in supporting the pupil working with outside agencies, coaches and parents or guardians with this activity encourage success.

Engagement with specific agencies e.g. National Associations for particular support, will be identified for pupils where appropriate.

11. Organisational and in-class approaches
Important strategies include:

• The provision of opportunity for gifted and talented pupils to work with those of a similar ability

• Promotion of thinking skills through curriculum areas

• Differentiation within subject areas to ensure high expectations in teachers and pupils.

• The coherent management of groupings and recognition that whilst there may be a higher concentration of gifted and talented pupils in some groups there will be pupils who have gifts or talents in all groups.

• Enrichment through a broader range of tasks and resources

• The provision of enrichment and extension tasks ands activities

• The development of independent learning skills, allowing pupils to organise their own learning and work and to carry out tasks unaided, evaluate their own work and become self critical.

• Providing personalised learning that offers opportunities for gifted and talented pupils to develop their skills and expertise

12. Opportunities afforded by the Virtual Learning Environment
Ercall Wood Technology College recognises that there is great potential in the Virtual Learning Environment to enhance the personalisation of learning for gifted and talented pupils. Ercall Wood aims to raise achievement and motivate gifted and talented pupils through the use of innovative use of new technologies thus allowing them to work beyond the normal barriers of the curriculum. This can be further enhanced through collaborative work with other schools and further educational settings.

13. Coordination and monitoring
The school employees a gifted and talented coordinator:

The gifted and talented coordinator has overall responsibility for:

• Ensuring staff are fully aware of the policy and are implementing it.

• Compiling and keeping up to date the gifted and talented register

• Recording and monitoring the progress of the gifted and talented pupils mentoring them helping them to understand their target and way that they can reach these targets.

• Using the Institutional Quality Standards for Gifted and Talented Education (IQS) are used as a basis for the development of the whole school plan and the schools gifted and talented provision.

• Ensuring that all staff are aware of whom the gifted and talented identified pupils are and have access to the register and the pupils target grades and current grades.

• Raising the profile of gifted and talented across the whole school and in the wider community.

• Organising and facilitating opportunities for pupils to experience extra curricular activities that offer enrichment and an extension to learning.

• Develop and maintain links with other educational setting including primary, secondary and further education organisations.

• Promote gifted and talented work and projects at school events.

The deputy head teacher is responsibly for:

• The line management of the gifted and talented coordinator

• The gifted and talented budget

• The overall implementation of the gifted and talented policy across whole school.

• Whole staff training on gifted and talented provision

• Complying to the Department of Educations Regulations regarding Gifted and Talented provision

The head teacher is responsible for:

• The overall implementation of the gifted and talented program across whole school

• Complying to the Department of Educations Regulations regarding Gifted and Talented provision

All school staff are responsible for:

• Identifying pupils who should be considered for the gifted and talented register

• Referring a pupils whom is potentially gifted or talented to the attention of the gifted and talented coordinator

• Ensuring gifted and talented pupils are considered in every aspect of departmental planning

• Supporting staff in the preparation and delivery of appropriate gifted and talented activities to pupils.

• Ensuring that all subject and curriculum staff consider the range of strategies identified in this policy

14. Monitoring and Review
The head teacher and deputy head teacher will work closely with other staff to inform them of this policy and to ensure that its implementation and provision for gifted and talented pupils are affective and purposeful. The deputy head teacher will ensure the gifted and talented coordinator continues to effectively run and coordinate the provision across whole school and completes regular monitoring of all pupils on the register. The coordinator, will regularly feedback monitoring information to the deputy head teacher through regular gifted and talented meetings The deputy head teacher will act accordingly to this information raising any concerns with the relevant people if required. The deputy head teacher will make an annual report to the governing body and will assist them in any further information that they require.

The gifted and talented coordinator will work with and make reports to the link governor for gifted and talented provision providing them with a regular update and any other information they might require.

This policy will be reviewed at regular intervals and updated when required.

15. Approval by the governing Body and Review Date

This policy has been formally approved and adapted by the governing body at a formally convened meeting.

Policy approved _____________________________________
(Chair of governors)

Date: _____________________________________

Date of policy review: ______________________________________